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For some people wood-crafting is not just a hobby; it’s a passion. A passion that burns hotter than a wild-fire. And it is for such few great people we have so many intricate hand-crafted works all around us. Some of these works are amazing pieces of art while some are essential utilities which we cannot live without. Without such passionate workers our life wouldn’t have been so convenient and luxurious.

Whatever the reason maybe, if you love wood-crafting or are new to it then you will definitely need some tools. And unlike other tools wood-crafting tools are very unique and specialized only for wood cutting, shaping and constructing purposes. There are many varieties of these tools. It might take you a whole day to get track of them all. Also keep in mind some of these tools are also very expensive; more than you think.

Fortunately, you don’t need all of the tools required for wood-crafting. You are however going to need some basic must have tools to get you started. Here is a countdown of 10 must have wood working tools to have in your inventory.

Wooden workbenchWooden workbench

A wooden workbench is the heart of a wood worker’s workshop. This is the very first tool you are going to need if you are about to do any wood related works. Where else would you put your timber to transform it to something beautiful or meaningful? Wooden workbenches will not only keep your raw materials tucked steadily in place but provide enormous amount of comfort and convenience for you.

Block plane and shoulder planeBlock plane and shoulder plane

Planes are tools used to smooth out timber surfaces, reduce timber thickness and make detailed cuts and joints. These tools have a strong metal or wooden body with a very sharp blade attached inclined to the centre of it. The blade can be positioned to various angles using nifty screws and mounts for achieving various types of angular slices. Your best option is to get a block plane used for bigger pieces of wood to flatten it out and a shoulder blade which is imperative for soothing rough corners.

hand saw and coping sawHand saw and coping saw

How can you even imagine to work on woods if don’t have a saw beside you. They are the number one tool when it comes to working on wood, whatever the type of work may be. Hand saws are great for any type of cutting granted the blades are well-designed and sharp. But getting a coping saw will also be very helpful. A coping saw makes it possible to do intricate high detailed works.

Bench chisel setBench chisel set

Chisels are the key ingredients for all your wood-crafts to get its sizzle look. They are mainly long blades made of very strong alloys and metals with very sharp edges. Almost all carving and sculpturing works require a chisel for making highly detailed designs. They come in various size and forms required for different cutting techniques.

Miter saw with miter saw frameMiter saw with miter saw frame

If a quick accurate and strict cut is what you are targeting for than consider getting a miter saw. A miter saw is just like any other saw consisting of a handle and a sharp blade with a rigid stable body. But it comes in two categories one which is manual and the other is electrical. The electrical ones are more conventional as they are easy to use and require less work. But if you are on a tight budget consider getting a manual one with a sturdy frame.

Orbit sander or random orbit sanderOrbit sander or random orbit sander

Orbit sanders and random orbit sanders are typically the same type of power tool used for sanding out your timber. Except random orbit sanders has variable head and disc rotation angle. Orbit sanders are a crucial tool to get that silky polished shine on your wooden works.

Combination square and sliding bevel squareCombination square and sliding bevel square

Whether it’s scribing dovetail joints, measuring the depth of mortises or checking the 90 degree angles on your wooden board a combination square is all you need. They are the perfect measuring tool for any precise measurement jobs. Wood working requires accurate measurements and cut angles to fit other pieces so a sliding bevel or combination square is a must have.

Measuring tape or folding tapeMeasuring tape or folding tape

You obviously will need a tool to measure all your meticulous admired work. Getting the right type of measuring tool is the game here. A normal measuring tape works great but wooden folding tapes are more precise and convenient to use.

Wooden malletWooden mallet

Remind me the last time a hammer didn’t devote itself to the development of all fields of human advancement. Same goes for a wooden mallet which is also a sort of hammer distinguished by its lightweight and ergonomic design features.

Woodworking clampsWoodworking clamps

When it comes to holding your precious work pieces or wooden crafts in place when sculpting or letting the glue dry a wooden clamp is no exception. Wooden clamps have two main categories comprised of screws or bars. I would recommend getting both types of clamps as both are essential no matter what the job requires.

Safety is the primary issue you should always worry. So you should need to know woodworking safety rules. Every woodworker should know woodworking safety rules. Follow the rules and stay happy.

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10 Must have Wood Working Tools to have in Your Inventory
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