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Best Caulking Gun 2018 with Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Caulking Gun with Ultimate Buying Guide

Caulking Guns or Caulk or Cartridge Gun whatever name you call, it is one of an essential home repairing tools. What actually the purpose of a caulk gun? It seals the gap between cracks around the home. Mostly, silicone or latex is used to make chuck that can make bond in a wide range of materials including metal, wood, ceramic, glass and so many.  As it is one of the most beneficial home tools of this age, so, we decided to make a review of best caulking gun of 2018.

There are lots of caulk gun options available in the market. You will definitely get confused about what to pick and what to overlook. That’s why we tried to enlist some of the finest product the of present time. Therefore, the price is another issue for many people. So, we gather the products that are reasonably priced as well.

We also discussed some buying tips below. Read carefully hope this will help you out.

Best Caulking Gun Reviews: Our Top Picks

Lots of market giants are making caulking guns at present with different characteristics and price range. So, making a short list of caulking gun wasn’t any easy task to do. Somehow, our entire team manages to complete the task successfully. We physically visited the local market, read over thousands of customer’s feedback and finally talked with some experts regarding this issue. We found that this 7 is unbeatable at present. Let’s check out the best caulking gun reviews quickly for further procedure.

Newborn 250 Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulking Gun


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The Newborn 250 Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulking Gun is one of the most fantastic additions in our best caulking gun panoply. However, it is one of the most versatile machines that can be used with acrylic, adhesives, asphalt, butyl, and cement. However, it comes with a steel revolving frame that fits 1/10 gal. cartridges and has an 18:1 thrust ratio.

The revolving frame is sufficient that let the barrel rotate for maintaining the same bead orientation while caulking around corners. Therefore, it has smooth pressure rod included that doesn’t want much force while working. The handle is made of zinc alloy which is also comfortable to hold and use. Besides, for the quality price is quite reasonable.


  • Steel revolving frame included that fits in 1/10 gal. cartridges
  • Has 18:1 thrust ratio
  • Versatile that can use with acrylic, adhesives, asphalt, butyl, and cement
  • Smooth pressure rod included
  • Comfortable zinc alloy handle
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Built in seal puncture tool and a spout cutter included

Newborn 188 Super Ratchet Rod Cradle Caulking Gun


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The Newborn 188 Super Ratchet Rod Cradle Caulking Gun is the twin brother of above caulking gun. It is almost similar to the above product. The only difference is in the thrust ratio. It has a thrust ratio of 6:1. However, it features a steel half barrel frame that fits 1/10 gal. cartridges.

This caulking gun is suitable for medium viscosity materials like silicone. Therefore, the ratchet rod has teeth that hold the rod in correct place after every pull. Besides, it comes with the welded plate on the back for securing the cartridges in place. It also has built in seal puncture tool and spout cutter for opening cartridges without the help of a knife. The price is also acceptable. Pick and enjoy before the stock turns out.


  • Has steel half-barrel frame that fits 1/10-gal. cartridges
  • 6:1 thrust ratio
  • Suitable for medium viscosity materials
  • Features welded plate in the back
  • Built in seal puncture tool and a spout cutter included
  • Heavy duty construction

Albion Engineering B12S20 Manual Drive Sausage Caulk Gun


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Fascination is what you will feel after using the Albion Engineering B12S20 Manual Drive Sausage Caulk Gun. This caulking gun is constructed with premium quality aluminum materials. It is durable and provides remarkable performance throughout its lifespan.

Therefore, it has enough power. You don’t have to press the trigger too hard for operation. It has double gripping plate technology included that ensures its durability. The handle is comfortable and convenient. Overall, this manual drive Sausage Caulk Gun is what you that will please you completely.


  • Double Gripping Plate Technology
  • Comfortable and convenient rotating swivel handle included
  • Has 2-inch diameter aluminum barrel
  • Offer pressure of 120 psi
  • Durable construction

COX 41004-2T Ascot 10.3-Ounce Cartridge 26


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COX is the famous brand in quality caulk guns and epoxy applicators industry. They are leading the market with premium quality products for over the years. Their principal motive is to satisfy their customers. The COX 41004-2T Manual Caulk Gun has moved their aim to the next level.

It is one of their amazing inventions. This caulking gun comes with the standard 10oz cartridge with 26:1 mechanical advantages. You can use this caulk gun in windows, doors, sinks, faucets and many other applications. Therefore, it is made in the UK so no question about the built quality.


  • Has built in ladder hook
  • Offers mechanical advantage ratio of 26:1
  • Features 10 oz. cartridge
  • Thumb activated pressure release
  • Reliable and durable

Ryobi P310G 18v Pistol Grip Variable Discharge Rate Power Caulk and Adhesive Gun


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Variable speed adjustment feature makes the Ryobi P310G Caulk Gun one of the unique models of the present time. With this incredible speed adjustment facility you can work in different materials without changing the workflow. Besides, this gun has the ability to dispense up to 200 tubes of caulk on a single 18-volt battery.

People often thought that battery powered machine doesn’t offer continuous operation facility. Well, give it a try and see by yourself. Therefore, it comes with a pistol grip that is comfortable to hold and provides impressive balance. What about the power? The power is incredible with 500LBS of push force. Besides, for such quality, the price is not prohibitive.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Pistol grip for comfort and balance
  • Battery operated
  • Provides up to 200 tubes of caulk on a 18-volt battery
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Lightweight

Dripless SI300 Contractor Grade Heavy Duty Caulking Gun

Dripless SI300 Contractor Grade Heavy Duty Caulking Gun

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The Dripless SI300 Contractor Grade Heavy Duty caulking gun comes with a steel revolving frame that fits perfectly in 10 oz. cartridges. Besides, it offers thrust ratio of about 14:1 that is suitable for high viscosity materials like silicone, latex, drywall, sub-floor adhesives, and polyurethanes.

The amazing part of this gun is that it has both drip and non-drip setting included. You can hang it on a ladder as it has a hook on the back side. Also, there is built in puncture tool, and spout cutter included that will let you open cartridges without a knife. Overall, it is a good product to have for home and industrial uses.


  • Made with a steel revolving frame
  • Fits in 10 oz. cartridges
  • Offers thrust ratio of 14:1
  • Both drip and non-drip setting included
  • A hook included in the back
  • Features built in spout cutter and puncture tool

Newborn 375-XSP Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulking Gun


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The Newborn 375-XSP Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame caulking gun is the last but not the least option in our best caulking gun reviews article. It is another most efficient model that is constructed with a steel revolving frame that fits in 1/10 gal. cartridges.

Besides, it has a thrust ratio of 26:1 that is perfect for high viscosity materials like urethanes. It has handle trigger that is rubber coated for maximum comfort and balance. Overall, it is one of the decent options to have within a tight budget range.


  • Made with a Steel Revolving Frame
  • Fits in 1/10 gal. cartridges
  • 26:1 thrust ratio
  • Suitable for high viscosity materials
  • Hammered finish handle that is rubber coated
  • Air powered

Reviews for the best caulking gun are finally ended. Hope, you already selected one to pick. Now before investing any money, I suggested you check the buying guide below for better dealings.

Buying Guide for the Best Caulking Gun

The benefits of having a caulk gun are many. It is one of the blessings of modern science that lessen the effort of the human. However, caulking guns mostly use for seal joints or seams in different structures and some kind of piping. Previously, caulking gun was used to make the seams in wooden boats or ships watertight by putting fibrous materials between boards.  It is also used for waterproofing around doors and windows. It is even used for waterproof areas like the joint of bathroom tub and floor.

There are lots of different types of caulk gun available in the market. Various recognized and unrecognized companies are making this product due to its increasing popularity. Well, from those humongous options how can you know which one is better? You will get the answer after reading this portion carefully. Closely look for some basic features like smooth plunger rod, pressure releaser, built in wire to clean tube and in cutter for the caulk tube. If any of those features are missing, I strongly suggest you think otherwise. Let’s see what to consider before purchasing caulking gun:

  • Try to pick a caulking gun that comes with a smooth plunger rod. It will allow you to handle the caulk gun quickly. Besides, it will also provide you better balance during your work.
  • Best caulking gun must have built in cutter included. It will assure you to make an even and desired sized cut on the tube. It is the little but very crucial thing to consider.
  • To decrease wastage, most of the latest caulking gun comes with pressure release system. This feature allows the user to dispense correct amount as per requirement. You should see whether pressure release feature is available or not. If not switch to another product.
  • There should be a wire in the best caulking gun. A good cable helps to clean any clogs instantly.
  • After that consider the construction quality of the caulking gun you wish to purchase. For better build quality, you should consider a branded model. Unrecognized companies made the product with cheap quality materials. Those are not sustainable. Where recognized brand always wants to keep their reputation positive among the people. That’s why they make their products with highest quality materials.
  • Some of the latest caulking guns come with variable speed adjustment. This is another efficient feature which will allow you to set the speed according to your purpose. Variable speed adjustment system actually make caulking gun versatile. But not all the product comes with this feature. If you need to apply your caulking gun in different materials, you should pick a caulking gun with variable speed adjustment.

Choosing Right Caulk

The best caulking gun will prove to be useless without a good caulk. Now you should consider it correctly. Let’s see what to consider before purchasing caulk for your caulking gun:

  • For exterior joints – Synthetic rubber caulk
  • For building materials- Water based caulks
  • For seal tub or bathroom tile- Butyl caulks
  • Glass, metal or in cold weather- Silicon Based caulk

Final Words

Hope those buying tips will help you to choose the best caulking gun from the market. Now listen, some of the dishonest manufacturers are making low-quality products and selling them at a cheap price range.  Don’t be so greedy by seeing an affordable price tag. Those will make you disgusted. Those products don’t have the ability to provide the performance you desire. Besides, those are not sustainable. You should stay away from such craps. Try to collect from a well-recognized brand even if it costs a bit more. You will be benefited.

Lastly, while using those tools stay carefully otherwise, any accident can happen. I am done for now.  We will meet again soon with lots of other product reviews. Till then stay sound and safe. If you have any question regarding caulking gun, feel free to state. We will try to solve all of your hesitation.

Best of luck

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