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10 Best Car Wash Soap Reviews with Buying Guide

Best Car Wash Soap Reviews with Buying Guide

Even the McLaren P1 LM needs proper cleaning on a regular basis. The most expensive car also needs proper care and maintenance. Without that, it will appear as a crap and it will ruin your impression. Car owners already know the importance of cleaning. But often they feel disgusted with the products they use for cleaning purposes. Sometimes their soap cant clean grime properly where sometimes it ruins the finishes of the car. That’s why today we decided to cover up some of the best car wash soap of present time.

Car wash soaps are a mandatory item if you have a car of your own. It needs to clean up properly on a regular basis. But as lots of people are making car wash soap so it is obvious that you will get confused. Not all the car wash soap on the market is beneficial. Some of those even damage the exterior of your expensive vehicle.

That’s why you have to be very careful regarding this product. From this article of ours, you will get all the information and answers to the questions that arise in your mind.  Even if you don’t like our products you can get an idea which can lead you to the right place at a right time. So, let’s get started.

Best Car Wash Soap Reviews

While making this short list we were surprised to see lots of options. So many companies are making car wash soap today. Among those options, you can pick one by yourself. But for that, you have to take the massive hassle and huge time needed to be consumed as well. However, we did the market analyzing task to reduce your effort. What did we actually do? At first, we read thousands of customers opinion regarding several products. After that, we talked with some professionals and users about their performance. Finally, our specialist enlisted this 10 and come up to you.

Let’s have a look at the best car wash soap reviews for a smart deal.

Chemical Guys CWS_301 Citrus Wash and Gloss Concentrated Car Wash (1 Gal)

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Excellency is what that can say about this Chemical Guys CWS_301 Citrus Wash and Gloss Concentrated Car Wash. It is a two in one cleaning solution, saves a lot of bucks of the users. It cleans and keeps the car shiny. You don’t have purchase two products separately for two different tasks.  However, it is formulated with a highly concentrated formula that’s why just have to use a little amount in every cleaning season. For five gallons of water, one cup of the solution will be fair enough. And most amazingly it will prepare your car for the next painting season as well. See, it is actually a three in one solution for the same amount of money.

It is made of environment-friendly materials that are completely biodegradable. Also, it has natural citrus extracts for amazing cleaning and shiny finish. You will get everything yet you will not ruin the environment a bit. There are no artificial colors, additives or thickeners included which can harm the car surface. It also offers refreshing smell. It has a positive personality all over the worlds with a few complaints. The price is quite reasonable. Give it a try. But be quick or the stock will turn out soon.

Mothers 05664 California Gold Car Wash – 64 oz.

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If the price is a vital issue for you, have a look at the Mothers 05664 California Gold Car Wash. It is something that worth the money. This car wash is made with strong ingredients that make the car cleaner without affecting the paint. Though the materials of this car wash are strong, yet it is environment-friendly as well. This wash will not harm the environment or the car surface a bit. It also has balanced pH that makes it safer even for everyday cleaning purposes. It is also another versatile clearing solution that will save lots of money of yours. You don’t have to pick two different products for two different purposes. That’s the cool part of this car wash soap.

The solution will not remove the wax from your car that’s for sure. You can use a little amount to wash your car as it is concentrated as well. However, some of the customers though experienced some issues but that is not major at all. Some users said that it dries on the surface quickly and some others said that it leaves the water spots visible. But you can resolve them if you use your common sense. If you are looking for the best car wash soap for black cars, look no further than this 05664. It is so far the finest option in our panoply. The stock is running out. Be quick.

Griot’s Garage 11103 Car Wash Gallon

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Pick a gallon of water, mix an ounce of Griot’s Garage 1103 Car Wash, and see the magic! For cleaning your car with the greatest car this car wash has no comparison. In the vehicle cleaning industry, this product is one of the saints. It has all the essential elements included that can clean a car without any harm. It is formulated to ensure success. However, the product is cost-effective. You can create at least 32 gallons of sudsing wash only with the 16-ounce bottle. And if you pick a gallon than the result will be surprising. Wondering why? A gallon can create 256 gallons of sudsing wash! Amazing doesn’t it?

This car soap is super concentrated that ensures its efficiency both in performance and cost. It cleans the surface amazingly by lifting dirt and grime preventing swirls along with scratches. Besides, this car wash is safe for all finishes including matte paints and wraps. it is formulated with biodegradable materials that will not harm the environment nor the surface of the car. It will leave the car finish glossy and rich in the wash. Also, it offers amazing smell. Pick and make your car washing time more pleasant. But be hurry buddy the stock will turn out.

Adam’s NEW Car Wash Shampoo 16oz

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With advanced conditioning formula, this Adam’s New Car Wash Shampoo is another fantabulous option in our best car wash soap reviews. It will pamper the finish of your vehicle that’s for sure. It has all the solution for your vehicles exterior maintenance. It can clean road grime, acid rain, pollution, insects, pollen, tar, oil, and any other harmful aspects instantly. But sir this will not harm the paint of your vehicle that’s what I can assure you gladly. It is a PH balanced product that will take care the finish of the vehicle gently.

It is designed with concentrated car wash formula. Besides, the product is completely biodegradable and earth friendly. It will not harm the surface of the vehicle. However, if you leave dust for too long it can make the appearance of your car dull. On the contrary, if you use any strong product it can damage the finish of the car as well. That’s why you have to imply a car wash that is balanced from all sides. In that case, there is no exception then this Adam’s New Car Wash Shampoo.

Chemical Guys CWS_107 Extreme Body Wash and Synthetic Wax Car Wash Shampoo

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The Chemical Guys CWS_107 Extreme Body Wash and Synthetic WaxCar Wash Shampoo is another outstanding cleaner for vehicles. It is derived naturally from citrus hyper. It not only cleans the exterior of the car but also enhances the gloss. So, you can call it a two in one solution. However, this car wash is formulated with a synthetic and carnauba wax that limit calcium’s ability to dry to the surface.  That’s why it reduces water spots quickly than any other car wash soap in the market. Also, it is made with new foaming technology that exploits cleaners suspended within the suds and creates a bubble to lift away strong road grim gently.

Therefore, the pH value of this cleaner is balanced. Not more or not less. The cleaner is formulated with harmless elements that are earth safe. It will never harm the exterior of the car. However, this cleaner can remove dirt efficiently and rinses quickly as well. The price of this car wash soap is quite reasonable. Give it a try before the stock turns out.

Green Earth Technologies 01212 Car Wash 16 oz

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The Green Earth Technologies 01212 Car Wash is another biodegradable car soap wash that offers super performance.  It is made of harmless elements that are bio-friendly. It ensures proper cleaning performance. Besides, it is also concentrated. You don’t have to use a large amount in a single cleaning season. it can clean all the dust and debris gently without any harm to the vehicles exterior surface.

Therefore, it also offers hydrophobic rinsing action that actually bends up water and roll off the surface for a long lasting shining without any spot. It is actually not soap nor a detergent rather it is a natural blend that can make the cleaning time more safe and efficient. The price of this car wash soap is also near the reach level of everyone.

Optimum (CW2006G) Car Wash

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The Optimum CW2006G  Car Wash is the true meaning of immense power. It is powerful to clean the hardest road grim in a minute. It can clear all the dust efficiently from the exterior part of the car. The soap is highly concentrated. It will save lots of your time and hassle. Highly concentrated soap only needs a smaller amount every time for thoroughly cleaning. You don’t have to pick a solution every single week. Besides, it doesn’t clean only but also enhance the gloss of the vehicle. This cleaner will not remove or affect the existing wax or polymer sealants. Rather it keeps the existing shine and protection.

The car soap contains a balanced pH value, not much or less. So, you don’t have to worry about the surface of your vehicle. It is safe for almost all types of finishes. It is made of biodegradable ingredients that mean it is not harmful to the car, environment and even for your hand. However, you can use ½ ounce per gallon for outstanding cleaning performance.

Chemical Guys CWS_101 Maxi-Suds II Super Suds Car Wash Soap and Shampoo

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The Chemical Guys CWS_101 Maxi-Suds II Super Suds Car Wash Soap and Shampoo is another decent option in our best car wash soap review. It is by far one of the finest product at present formulated with eco-friendly materials. This soap is not at all harmful to the environment as well as the surface of the car. It is not even harmful to the hand of the user. It is an extreme suds all purpose super foaming shampoo that removes dirt and dust gently from the surface of the vehicle.

However, this car soap is formulated with water softeners that reduce streaking. It will not leave water spots upon rinsing as well. The product is also easy to use. The price of this product is quite reasonable. Lots of car owners at present using this product. The reviews of this cleanser are highly positive. I bet you will be pleased with the use.

Turtle Wax T-79 Zip Wax Liquid Car Wash and Wax. 64 oz.

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The Turtle Wax T-79 Zip Wax Liquid Car Wash and Wax are another efficient options in here. It is formulated with eco-friendly material. The soap will not harm the environment at all. Besides, it will not harm the surface of the car and the skin of the users as well. It has proper pH value not much nor less. It lifts dirt and grime gently from the surface of the car with less human effort.

The Turtle Wax T Car Wash doesn’t leave any water spot. Perhaps it leaves a sparkling turtle wax finish. It is formulated with biodegradable formula. Overall, it is a good product for the money. If you clean your car on a regular basis, this item should be the right choice of yours. The price is not prohibitive. And if you start using this product, you will use until the end that’s for sure.

Armor All 25464 Car Wash – 64 fl. oz.

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The Armor All 254 64 Car Wash is the last but not the least option in our best car wash soap article. It is another finest product for the money. It is formulated with extremely safe quality materials that are not harmful to the car surface as well as for the environment. Besides, it is the highly cost-efficient product. You have to put a small amount in every use.

Where lots of car wash soap strips wax this won’t because of the premium quality materials the manufacturer used to make this cleaner. However, it has balanced pH value so it will not harm the outer surface of the car a bit. it is extremely safe for automotive finishes including clear coats.

You may be wondering after all its car wash soap why should I take it so seriously. Well, don’t forget vehicles are expensive. In addition, to keep this thing sound you have to take the cleaning task more carefully. That’s why it is important to pick one of the best car wash soap from the market. You can easily pick one from the above list as the professionals testify all of those with great care. But my suggestion is to read the buying guide below before you open up your wallet. Otherwise, you can make a wrong choice.

Best Car Wash Soap Buying Guide

best car wash soap buying guide

There are tons of car wash soap cleaner available in the local and online market. Among those humongous options, selecting the correct one is quite a severe job. Besides, not all the products on the market have the ability to give proper cleaning without damaging the exterior of the car. If you pick any crap, it may damage your valuable car. The price of car wash soap isn’t that pricey but your car is a pricey thing buddy. You have to be very careful regarding the products you want to use on the car.

But people often get confused. To remove confusion from your head I already reviewed the best car wash soap options. But that doesn’t mean you will pick without any second thought. We are going to give you some essential tips for buying the most beneficial one. Let’s see those quickly.

Consider pH Balance

In car soaps, pH balance is an essential factor. However, every best car wash soap must have natural pH value included. The pH value must not be lower or higher. Both are harmful to the vehicle. Low-level pH value soap will damage the surface of the vehicle where else the extreme level of pH value will not be able to clean the dirt properly. So you have to pick a car wash soap that has balanced pH value.


The materials of the car wash soap must be eco-friendly. I mean you have to consider whether the soap is biodegradable or not. If it is not biodegradable that means it contains harmful materials, which is not good for the car as well as for the environment. That’s why you have to pick a soap that is biodegradable.

Consider Concentration

Most of the best car soap is labeled high concentrated. That means you don’t have to use a large amount in a single wash. You have to consider those factors as well. If the product is highly concentrated, it will save both of your time and of money. If it is not concentrated you have to buy a wash soap every week. So, it is better to purchase a product that is highly concentrated.


The performance of the car soap must be awesome. I mean it should not leave water spots after the cleaning. It is the very important factor to consider. But how can you know whether the performance of the cleaner is good or not? Better is to go for a well-recognized brand. Branded products are always good.

The Smell

The Smell is the less important factor to consider. However, some people are more concerned about the beautiful smell. But If you have allergies to any smell, you should stay away from that specific smell. That’s the idea.


Price of good quality car wash soap is quite reasonable. You can pick any of the best car soap within your budget limit. But for a better quality, you have to pick a branded product.  For that, you may have to spend a few more bucks. But a car wash soap from a well-known brand will take care your car properly. Besides, there is a lot of craps available in the market. you need to stay away from those as well.


Best Car Wash Soap- FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What is car wash soap?

Products that are made of cleaning the car surface is known as car wash soap. Don’t use any regular detergent or cleaner in your car those can harm the paint on your vehicle.

Question: Where to buy car wash soap?

You can buy car wash soap from any automotive shops. But if you don’t have enough time, you can order online.

Question: Will car wash soap damage paint?

It depends. If you pick any worst product it can damage the paint on the vehicle. If the pH value of the soap is lower than the chance of damage is more.

Question: Does car wash soap expire?

Yes, it does. Both bar and liquid can expiries after a certain period of time. Mostly 3 years is the maximum range of the validity of car wash soap.

Question: What is the best car wash soap?

Hard to declare! I mean we already reviewed some of the best car wash shampoo and soaps. All of those have excellent quality. Besides, those have balanced pH value and made of eco-friendly materials. You can pick any of those for your vehicle.

Final Words

Car wash soap isn’t something you will change now and often. People usually don’t like to change brands for such kind of product. That’s why it is always better to judge before you open up your wallet. As I mentioned the earlier car is an expensive thing. To keep it sound every car owner must look after it with best possible aspects available. In terms of car wash soap, I hope you get all your answers today. We already showed you the best car soap options of the present time. Besides, we discussed the issues about a wise deal. Now the ball is in your court.

It is possible that you don’t like the products of our list. We are not disappointed as everyone has their own point of view. But no matter from which source you purchase, consider those buying tips carefully. I am wrapping up now. Enough talking for today. It is the time for you to make the deal. However, if you have any question in your mind, feel free to state with the review search team. We will meet again soon with lots of other beneficial products and useful car maintenance tips. Till then:

Drive Safe!

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